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Twenty seven miles west of Boston, Marlboro real estate is bordered on the north by Hudson, on the east by Framingham and Sudbury, and by Berlin and Northborough on the west. Marlboro is a thriving city by virtue of its history of and receptiveness to commerce, as well as its convenient positioning as a gathering place for business people.

Marlboro is a small city, but its history identifies it as one of the biggest towns in the development of America. One of the seven original "praying towns", Marlboro saw a great deal of conflict between colonials and natives in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Many colorful stories persist to the present, including accounts of heroic feats performed by either race in the defense of their livelihoods. But in time, the native races of the area seem to have died out.

Valued for the agricultural potential of its small streams and open meadows, as well as for its proximity to natives' trails and Sudbury, Marlboro real estate was formed into a town in 1660. Its economy focused originally on agriculture, but quickly diversified into a hub for manufacture.

The City of Marlboro , MA
Marlboro Regional Chamber of Commerce, Marlboro , MA
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